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Lamborghini Recalling Nearly 5,000 Huracans For The Silliest Reason Ever

Supercars, alongside massive mansions and superyachts, represent the pinnacle of achievement in our wonderful capitalist society and cost a small fortune to buy and maintain. Brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari have been building the world's most desirable supercars for decades, and despite being rather fragile machines that require careful maintenance, people still adore them. Lamborghini, which has enjoyed massive sales successes in the past two years has managed to keep most of its cars off of the NHTSA recall list, with one of the most recent being the Aventador SVJ which was recalled early last year because the engine hood cover could fly open while driving. Now the popular Huracan is facing a large recall for a seemingly harmless issue.

A recall has now been issued for nearly 5,000 Lamborghini Huracan vehicles due to a very small safety infraction: these cars were sold without blanking caps over their headlights. The fault was noticed by Lamborghini back in 2020 after a routine internal audit and has been blamed on human error. It was found that the blanking caps over the headlight's horizontal adjustment screw were not in compliance with a Federal Safety Standard. Lamborghini notified the NHTSA and applied for a petition for "Inconsequential Noncompliance". The NHTSA has now finally reviewed the petition and has denied the company's appeal, leading to the recall.

The NHTSA claims that "The horizontal aim adjustment of the subject beams is possible due to the absence of a blanking cap over the beam horizontal adjustment screw. The customers can reach the horizontal adjustment screw and make the horizontal adjustment by themselves." The NHTSA goes on to say that "Improper horizontal aim may result in glare to other motorists/road users, reduced visibility on one of the sides of the road, and reduced down-road visibility. Increasing the risk of a crash." Huracan owners affected by the recall will be able to have the blanking caps installed at Lamborghini dealerships free of charge.

This isn't the first recall to hit the Lamborghini Huracan family: the Huracan was last recalled in June of 2021 for a software error that made the rearview camera malfunction in temperatures below 41°F. This recall affected certain 2018-2021 Huracan vehicles. Lamborghini still has some big plans for the Huracan before it gets replaced with an electric alternative. Hopefully these won't get picked on by the NHTSA.

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