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RM 72-01 Automatic Winding Lifestyle Flyback Chronograph.

RM 72-01 Automatic Winding Lifestyle Flyback Chronograph.

Time can be controlled and ordered according to aspirations. A reflection of the soul, the act of creation is born from a powerful desire for renewal and an exploration of places hitherto unknown .

Maintaining the rhythm, creating a singularly personal tempo, that is Richard Mille, the ultimate virtuoso of movement, reinventing itself with each new creation, performing its own choreography, and never dancing to that of another.

The RM 72-01 Lifestyle Automatic Chronograph now sees the light of day. Whilst adopting all the design codes of its time, it also embodies and synthesises the know-how accumulated by Richard Mille over the last 20 years. Singular, yet timeless, and equipped with the brand‘s first in-house chronograph featuring a patented design, it provides perfect harmony, weaving together tradition and modernity.


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