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2024 Bugatti Grand Sport Hybrid Imagines the Sustainable Future Beyond Chiron

Everyone across the automotive industry is reinventing their strategies for the upcoming electrified future. And that’s valid from top to bottom.

If we are to give out an example of automakers dwelling at the base of the EV food chain, perhaps the Citroen Ami would be well suited. But we are actually here to discuss the top of the pyramid, in Rimac Nevera style. Albeit with a British-French electrified twist.

Giorgi Tedoradze, a Georgia-based industrial designer better known as tedoradze.giorgi on social media, has cooked up a duet of electrifying supercar models. One from Aston Martin and the other from Bugatti. So, let’s start in alphabetical order.

The virtual artist has imagined a possible look for an unofficial 2023 Aston Martin Vanquish that’s fully electric. Well, it’s anyone’s guess if the British automaker will be so quick to exclusively add battery packs and electric motors to its models. All we know is this informal Vanquish gives us plenty of Valhalla and Valkyrie vibes to keep us EV entertained.

And that Aston Martin is focused on something else. That would be its new DBX version, dubbed as the most powerful SUV in the world. At least until BMW’s XM arrives in production form to snatch the crown. Oh well, that’s the name of the high-performance game.

Meanwhile, Bugatti has just celebrated the sale of its 500 Chiron hypercars. Complete with a casual look back at half a decade of glory, and lots of special edition versions or derivations. Now, the pixel master has also taken the liberty of providing Bugatti with something for the near future.

A 2024 Bugatti Grand Sport Hybrid, perhaps? Well, the sketchy design may be entirely wishful thinking. But the author could still be on to something. At least at the powertrain level. After all, after churning out world-record, W16-engined hypercars, what else could be next? Not another ICE model, right?

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