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As for exterior spaces, guests will have plenty of room to just lounge around and do nothing or enjo

As great as it is to enjoy a truly unique-looking, custom-built luxury yacht, as difficult it might be to sell it when you decide to move on. This futuristic-looking trimaran became instantly famous for its awe-inspiring, unusual design, but it seems that folks aren’t too eager to own it.

A billionaire and a shipping magnate, Antony Marden used his extensive experience in the field to create a masterpiece. He had owned several boats before, but with the Adastra (meaning “to the stars,” in Latin), he went beyond current limitations. Together with the British designer John Shuttleworth, he imagined a super-modern vessel meant for world cruising. The impressive yacht was built by McConaghy Boats in 2012.

At almost 140 feet (42.6 meters), Adastra is also remarkably lightweight (54 tons without fuel and water), thanks to the use of modern, lightweight materials. Other than its shape, the vessel’s most impressive feature is the transpacific range of 10,000 nautical miles (11,500 miles/18,500 km). This adventure-ready trimaran can cross the Atlantic twice before having to refuel, and it boasts a top speed of 22 knots (25.3 mph/40.7 kph).

But it also has a disadvantage, and that is that it’s not very spacious. Although the layout maximizes the available space, with enough room for up to nine guests in three cabins, it doesn’t compare to the lavish and comfortable spaces of superyachts. Adastra would be better for a small number of thrill-seeking passengers than for lazy vacations and parties on board.

Marden told Superyacht Times that his favorite thing about this custom trimaran was that it could go anywhere, anytime, even in harsh conditions that would deter regular superyachts. But the billionaire grew tired of world cruising after a while, so he was ready to part with his spectacular vessel after seven years.

He knew it wouldn’t be an easy sale, and, indeed, the luxury trimaran is still available for purchase. The asking price, according to the Burgess listing, isn’t high ($10 million) for the market, but it seems that people would rather admire the futuristic Adastra from afar rather than own it. It would take another visionary (and wealthy) owner to fully appreciate its capabilities and beauty. Meanwhile, the shipping magnate that envisioned Adastra is enjoying his other yachts, only for cruising around Southeast Asia.

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