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British Supercar Startup Building New Electric Hypercar

You've probably never heard of Arash Motor Company. Based in the UK, the supercar startup was founded in 1999 back when it was known as Farboud before being renamed Arash in 2016. Its first car launched under the Arash name was the AF10, a bonkers hypercar powered by a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 and four electric motors producing a combined 2,800 horsepower.

Its more accessible successor was the AF8, which utilizes a 7.0-liter LS7 V8 rated at 550 horsepower. Like many supercar manufacturers, Arash is preparing to go all-electric. On social media, Arash has shared photos previewing its first electric hypercar dubbed the AFX. Details are scarce, but Arash has confirmed the new hypercar will be all-electric, making it a potential rival to the likes of the Rimac Nevera, Lotus Evija, and Pininfarina Battista. One of the most striking design features is a shark fin that stretches across the roof. The front end is vaguely reminiscent of McLaren, while the side profile looks like it was inspired by the Porsche 918 Spyder.

We also get a look inside the interior, which has room for two occupants who sit in racing seats fitted with harnesses. There are also two screens mounted on both sides of the cabin in place of traditional side mirrors. Although Arash hasn't revealed any performance specifications, the British startup introduced the electric Imperium hypercar concept back in the summer that could preview what we can expect from the AFX. Powered by four electric motors, the range-topping Imperium S produced over 3,200 hp. If the production AFX has similar specifications, it could be even more powerful than the Rimac Nevera and Lotus Evija.

We're normally skeptical when an obscure startup company announces a new electric hypercar, but we're confident Arash can deliver as the company has been building absurdly-powerful supercars for over 20 years.

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