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Bugatti EB4 Imagines Streamlined Future When Veyron Gets Reborn as a True Bolide

Bugatti Chirons lack the EB nameplate designation. But these two letters have been an integral part of the French automaker’s modern revivals. And people might love to have them carried into the future as well.

Bugatti’s first modern reincarnation was headlined by the Italian-built EB110 series. After the Volkswagen Groupe acquired the remains of the Romano Artioli-led effort, Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. continued along the same EB path with its initial EB118 and EB218 concepts.

Only afterward did it dive head-first into the Veyron EB 16.4 era, complete with numerous technical wonders and one-offs. Everything culminated with the top speed record, of course. And more special editions, bespoke creations, and whatnot, of course.

Then, just like it happened back in 1999 when Bugatti presented the 18/3 Chiron concept car at the year’s IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, the production series Chiron dropped the EB moniker from its official name. Which may or may not have been to the liking of everyone.

Now, Francesco Ruga, a Switzerland-based virtual artist dwelling on Behance, has revealed a futuristic Bugatti vision that focuses on a potential Veyron reincarnation for the decades to come. And guess what, EB is back in fashion with this one. Nicknamed Bugatti EB4, this streamlined concept feels like a grandchild of the graciously-aging Veyron. If the former had virtual children with the track-focused Bolide.

Which isn’t a bad thing if one loves to explore the extremes. Alas, given that we are dealing with just a name and a set of digital sketches, one could speculate just about any outcome. Perhaps this isn’t a mid-engine hypercar. Maybe it’s the vision of a sleek grand tourer. Or even a concealed four-seater. Who knows?

Unfortunately, since there are no attached explanations, it’s anyone’s guess. This is a bummer because we would have loved to hear the designer’s opinion about what kind of powertrain this Bugatti should make us of. A traditional ICE derivative, something electrified, or perhaps even a full-blown EV setup?

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