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Camo Rolls-Royce Spectre Gets Undressed to Reveal “Boring” Design, We're Relieved

Considering the previous and upcoming all-electric BMW Group installments, a “boring” styling for any of their future creations would be a welcomed change. Even for the Rolls-Royce Spectre.

Introduced back in 2013 with a two-door architecture, common with its then-current Ghost limousine counterpart, Rolls-Royce's Wraith shared the iconic name of a 1938 model made by the original company. Unfortunately for fans of the two-door, pillar-less coupe with suicide doors, the nameplate will soon bow out without a direct successor.

Instead, the British ultra-luxury manufacturer has decided to give us their first all-electric model, with Spectre set on becoming an EV spiritual successor. Well, except for the switch to a sustainable, zero-emission platform, some might call that as plain “boring.” Given that we are dealing with a virtual artist who said that, maybe he was just referring to the design.

And considering that we are dealing with a BMW Group product, this could actually turn out to be a veritable compliment. After all, the Bavarian automaker is now the harbinger of a highly nefarious styling reputation, especially when discussing fully electric creations (but it’s not limited to them, unfortunately).

Inaki Z, a Spanish pixel master hiding behind the walterdepipsa account on social media, thinks “the new electric Rolls-Royce Spectre will be as boring as always.” This assessment was made after the CGI expert peeled off the quirky, holographic vinyl art-like camouflage off the officially teased Rolls-Royce Spectre. And, frankly, as lifeless as it may be, we are still CGI-relieved.

Sure, with BMW – sorry, Rolls-Royce – set to officially unveil their first-ever zero-emission model sometime during the third quarter of next year, there is still a lot of time to screw things up. But if they stick to the planned Wraith modernization (yep, we could not help but poke fun at it), things will probably turn a little more iconic. Hopefully...

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