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From Ultra-Rich to King of Debt, Ron Perelman Forced to Sell His $106 Million Megayacht

We all love a good rags-to-riches story, but the ones where the opposite happens can also teach us important lessons. Of course, there’s hardly a matter of “rags” when it comes to the one who was once the richest man in the world, but dropping from $19 billion to less than three is a painful fall. And it involves parting with a megayacht that’s been in the family for decades.

Business tycoon Ron Perelman doesn’t seem to be having a great year so far. The New York Times recently dubbed him “the king of debt,” explaining that his overwhelming bills are forcing the billionaire to sell not only many of the shares he has in numerous companies but also assets such as two private jets and his mind-blowing 280-foot (85.6 meters) superyacht. It turns out that his empire was largely built on loans and is now crashing down on him.

The billionaire has been putting assets on the market for the past couple of years, Second Shelters reports, including ultra-luxury estates, worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But the decision to part with C2, the massive luxury yacht, must not have been an easy one. Named after his second wife, Claudia Cohen, the beautiful vessel was enjoyed by Perelman and his subsequent wives (Anna Chapman is the fifth) over the past ten years. It even has dedicated kids’ cabins and is described as the perfect “multi-generational” boat. Built in 2009 by the well-known Abeking & Rasmussen German shipyard, the vessel also benefitted from a refit in 2019, when it received a 23-foot (7 meters) extension to include a beach club, a tender garage, and two new cabins. The C2 really is a floating family mansion with 15 staterooms for 31 guests. But they can also be converted into other types of living spaces, from media rooms to libraries.

The main deck boasts an outdoor cinema and a huge glass-bottomed pool, allowing light to flood the generous beach club below. All rooms are bigger than an average New York hotel room, and the master suite boasts an entire wall of windows for spectacular views, plus spa-like amenities. Even the galley is a chef-equipped huge space, ready for exquisite family meals.

There are multiple open-air living spaces across its decks, all including a bar and a buffet. A raised jacuzzi and a massage room were mandatory for this opulent relaxation sanctuary.

But the C2 is ready to become someone else’s relaxation sanctuary, as long as they have $106 million to spare for the megayacht that’s listed for sale by Burgess. The downsized billionaire will only get to keep his memories.

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