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Lamborghini Rushed to the Scottish Highlands in Search of Perfect Driving Routes

Driving a Lamborghini on a winding road is fun and pleasant, but the excitement is even more considerable if it's made together with other cars from the same Italian manufacturer, through the breathtaking scenery of the Cairngorms National Park, in Scotland.

Lamborghini already made a habit of taking a few cars from its lineup and driving them to specific locations, searching for great driving roads. It did that before and, before the 2021 winter started, it did it again in Scotland. The event started in Edinburgh and the Lambo convoy passed through the still-closed ski resort and highest village from the Scottish Highlands, Tomintoul.

The carmaker brought seven vehicles for this event, from the Aventador, Hurracan, and Urus ranges, and they came in all versions from coupe to open-top, from rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive. For those who don't know, Scotland doesn't have "rainy weather," but "Scottish weather," as I found out a few years ago in Inverness. It wasn't precisely rain, but something that kept everything wet, from streets to clothes, hair, face, everything. And, by the way, an umbrella was not an option while driving a supercar.

The Lamborghini tour circled the Cairngorm's art installations created for travelers on the Snow Roads route. They watched the "Still" outside of Tomintoul, "The Watchers" near the Lecht ski resort, and the "Contours" in the Glenshee Cairnwell pass. At the time of Lamborghini's tour, the ski resorts were still closed, and the roads were empty. Nevertheless, it was indeed a good moment to enjoy the glorious sounds of the naturally-aspirated V12 engines.

But for further visits, the Urus came in very handy, taking the Lamborghini's drivers to Cairngorms Dark Sky Park to seek out the Cor Tauri, the brightest star in the Taurus (Bull) constellation, which is the moniker adopted by Lamborghini to describe its electrification program. Of course, just like any other carmaker in Europe, the Italian brand has to switch to a full-electric range.

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