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Lancia Stratos “Purple Passion” CGI Restomod Feels Like a Mid-2030s Supercar

Certain people like to start a new year with everything fresh. Others continue with the same old, only dressed up with something just slightly different. And it turns out virtual artists are the same.

We have seen many pixel masters take off into 2022 as a digital storm of fresh CGI projects. But there are exceptions. Case in point, Matte Gentile, the virtual artist better known as mattegentile on social media. The CGI expert, also a designer for the famed Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, might be a little too busy.

So, at least part of his digital creations from 2022 are just rehashes of prior virtual projects. Naturally, unlike the Lancia Delta Restomod that just resurfaced with a full carbon fiber body or a different green shade, some do warrant a second look. By the way, we also threw some samples of the Delta down below, as we’re basically suckers for cool Lancias.

Anyway, back to another Lancia. This “Purple Passion” Stratos is also dubbed as a restomod. And it’s also a rehash of a prior idea. But with the shade that gives us lots of Plum Crazy Mopar goosebumps, at least some of the Lamborghini vibes have been toned down. As such, we just could not help but give it a second chance at eternal CGI glory.

Looking digitally timelessly for something that may become a common design for supercars of the mid-2030s, the reinvented Lancia Stratos still thinks ICE will have a chance in the near future. At least as far as the author is concerned, considering the carbon fiber and central, three-outlet exhaust setup closeups. Well, it may or may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

But one thing is for sure: this is merely wishful thinking. Frankly, we love this pixel master’s style of flowing or boxy automotive madness. But we would really appreciate it even some more if the CGI expert started churning out all-new digital projects. Instead of just giving a fresh paintjob to older ones and flooding his social media followers with them...

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