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Modder Races Bugatti Chiron Against Iron Man in Asseto Corsa Because to Heck With Logic

Of all the things the billionaire superhero philanthropist Tony Stark could be doing with his time, why would he bother showing up in the graphically outdated but critically acclaimed Asseto Corsa racing game to challenge the world's fastest production car one on one? Because someone was bonkers enough to place Iron Man in the game for our amusement.

Now, you must've thought to yourself, "Why doesn't Iron Man just fly over the Chiron and the race track to victory?" Clearly, this is a jump in logic that transcends the bounds of physics and possibly common sense as well. The race starts with the Chiron and Tony Stark in full mech-suit mysteriously hovering while in the prone position.

The 20-kilometer oval track in Asseto Corsa is the perfect place for two sick machines to really stretch their legs. So as the greed lights flash, we're sufficiently entertained enough not to be bothered by the preposterousness of it all. As the two machines make their way down the track, you really do have to suspend your disbelief in order to at least chuckle at the spectacle taking place before your very eyes.

But let's be real, looking in the rearview mirror only to see Tony Stark jetting up behind you in your Chiron while cracking 300 miles per hour is a fantasy that we could only envision in our most psychedelic fever dreams. Watching theChiron catch air as it speeds down portions of the track is also hilarious on a level so juvenile, we're liable to get sent back to grade school if we kept laughing at it for too long. The ominous purple afterburners from Iron Man's rocket boots did not help matters even in the slightest.

Towards the end of the race, Iron Man kicks up the boost, so to speak, and rockets ahead of the Chiron at a speed that can certainly be described as ludicrous. We need a glass of water and a nap after these two minutes and 52 seconds of headache-inducing insanity. Check out the video below if you want a laugh.

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