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Monochromatic Rolls-Royce Ghost Slack-Jaws Into “Baw$$ Mode” via Bagged CGI

While the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is already the biggest ultra-luxury SUV darling of the aftermarket world, the same cannot be said about the all-new Ghost. Alas, things are slowly and steadily changing.

Rolls-Royce delivered a little over 5,500 units all around the world last year. It was an all-time record and the British company even claimed they’re kings in the +$280k segment. Naturally, demand was driven by their bespoke creations. Or the Cullinan and Phantom. Also, the “little” Ghost started making the rounds.

Shily, at first. With lesser-known stars like Floyd Mayweather’s ex, aka entrepreneur and philanthropist Melissia Rene Brim. Now it’s probably a suitable time for people to take notice of the aftermarket potential of the new Ghost. With a bit of help from the automotive virtual artist realm, of course.

Musa Rio Tjahjono, the pixel master better known as musartwork on social media, might serve as the linchpin. This is because he delves into both worlds. His day job sees him as the Head Designer at West Coast Customs. Meanwhile, his spare time is occupied by his passionate daily dose of virtual reality. One that usually has a distinct JDM flair for everything.

Alas, there are interesting exceptions made from time to time. For example, a Lambo Huracan was once dressed in CGI gunmetal and Cerakote threads... complete with a Liberty Walk widebody aerodynamic kit. On an earlier occasion, an orange C8 Corvette Stingray was slammed and widebody enough to feel virtually ready for a Z06 brawl.

These variations are usually few and far in between. That makes them so easy to spot. Well, a Rolls-Royce Ghost with a monochromatic theme, “bagged all the way to the ground,” and sitting on some ultra-deep-dish VIP Modular forged wheels was not going to be extremely subtle either. Even though it might have had rather humble, slack-jawed origins, given the author’s entry into a virtual “baw$$” mode!

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