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Rolls-Royce Spectre Will Keep Traditionalists Happy

Futuristic drivetrains won't be paired with an outrageous design.

Rolls-Royce is just one of the many manufacturers working heavily towards the electrification of its product lineup. The Wraith and Dawn have already been removed from the American lineup as of the end of 2021, and the British marque has begun the slow tease of its first-ever electric luxury car. We know a few things already. First, it'll be called the Rolls-Royce Spectre, in keeping with Rolls' ghostly naming scheme, and second, Rolls-Royce isn't trying to alienate its loyal fanbase. But the images of the car we've seen so far, even those we ourselves have caught of it in the wild, have shown the car dressed up in camo, hiding much of the design. So, naturally, we had a crack at showcasing what it might look like when the wraps are peeled off.

We've been able to glean from the test mules that Rolls-Royce wants to keep to a tried and true design formula, with a large, long hood, sleek glasshouse, and a fastback design. The Spectre will be a two-door coupe to replace the Wraith, but like the model it replaces, it'll have coach doors or suicide doors as they're known to many. These elements have all been brought together in our exclusive render creating a familiar-looking machine, which is precisely what Rolls-Royce is likely to do if it doesn't want to alienate its existing clientele. One of the biggest aspects of that philosophy is incorporating the Rolls-Royce Pantheon grille.

This was previously confirmed by RR CEOTorsten Muller-Otvos in November, but we've integrated a somewhat more contemporary take on the grille based on recent spy shots. Rolls-Royce, being owned by BMW, will likely follow a similar ethos to what BMW has done with the i4 and iX SUVs, incorporating the kidney grilles into the design despite the fact that they are not needed for EVs. In the case of the Spectre, however, we think Rolls will retain an even more traditional aspect with vertical chrome slats against the gloss black backing, possibly with backlighting to accent its electric nature. Split headlight clusters, also seen on recent prototypes, will flank this, and, as has become tradition, the Spirit of Ecstasy will sit atop the nose of the Spectre.

The Spectre is due to be unveiled towards the end of 2022 or early in 2023 and arrive in the USA as a 2024 model. But what will power it still remains a bit of a mystery. The likely answer comes from within the ranks of parent company, BMW. The BMW iX SUV uses a dual-motor powertrain with up to 600 horsepower and all-wheel drive in the M60 variant. This would closely mimic the current V12 powertrains in existing Rolls models. Rolls-Royce will also engineer sound into the car to compensate for wind and road noise in the absence of an engine.

When it does arrive, expect a price tag of around $300,000. After all, a Rolls-Royce isn't cheap, especially when it's the first of a new breed.

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