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Special Edition Rolls-Royce Phantom Orchid Is Unique, Distinguished and a Total Tease

If there’s one carmaker that specializes in creating bespoke models, it’s Rolls-Royce. The British luxury carmaker loves having its customers commission unique Phantom, Ghost and Cullinan specifications, which is what led to the inception of this so-called Phantom Orchid model, created for Singapore in collaboration with artist Helen Amy Murray.

The car is a long-wheelbase variant and was considered perfect for being the “blank canvas” for this commission.

“Our concept envisaged a balanced yet progressive design, which echoes the values of the Singapore region. The orchid is seen in many facets of Asian life, a reminder that the resilient adapt and thrive regardless of the evolving environment,” said Rolls-Royce Bespoke lead designer, Michael Bryden.

“For Phantom Orchid, we collaborated with award-winning artist Helen Amy Murray to create a unique, hand-sculpted silk artwork. The delicate materials and techniques that were deployed in the creation of this piece are protected behind an application of pure glass, that runs uninterrupted across the fascia of Phantom.”

The artist was inspired by several types of orchids, including the Singapore Orchid, and spent more than 200 hours refining her design and artwork for the Phantom’s Gallery (the customizable dashboard fascia). By the way, the orchid is said to be the most coveted of ornamental plants, as many consider it elegant and exotic, yet also hardy.

The interior also features orchid-inspired Picnic Table Inlays in the rear, which reveal a layer of orchids set into Piano Black veneer. Other highlights include the bespoke treadplates, plus an elegant blend of Grace White, Havana and Smoke Grey with Dark Olive stitching as far as colors are concerned.

As for the exterior, Arctic White was chosen as the base color, featuring a tint of violet – obviously inspired by orchids – resulting in a pearlescent appearance. There’s also a bespoke motif incorporated into the eye-catching coachline on both sides of the vehicle.

“It draws parallels with the Singapore I know; a thoroughly modern garden city merging nature and technology effortlessly in its make-up,” concluded Bryden.

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