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Tesla Hypercar Of The Future Looks Spectacular

Dear Elon Musk, forget the Cybertruck and make this, please.

In the space of a decade or so, Tesla Motors has expanded its offerings to offer nearly everyone an EV to suit their needs. The posher Model S and X cater to the upper echelons while the Model 3 and Y bring the company's tech and innovation within reach of millions more. But let's not forget that the brand started with a sportscar. Based on the Lotus Elise, the Roadster was Tesla's first production car.

Since then, Elon Musk's carmaker has promised a reimagined version. But like the Cybertruck, it doesn't seem to be arriving anytime soon. While we wait for the upcoming Roadster, already quite a looker, one artist has imagined what a Roadster in true hypercar fashion would look like.

The rear of the Tesla hypercar render is probably the most dramatic aspect of the overall design. Sitting low and wide, it has an aggressive stance, with the thick tires bulging out of the rear wheel arches. The rear bumper features an angular design while, in the middle, a pair of fang-like design elements give the would-be hypercar a menacing demeanor.

While Tesla's current range is impressive, we would love to see this hypercar join the brand's offerings as a halo car of sorts. That just leaves one gap in the range - a brace of gorgeous wagons for those classy customers who don't want an SUV. Thankfully, someone has already rendered a Model 3 wagon and it's nearly as breathtaking as the white-painted creation you see above.

Hopefully, the South African-born billionaire has seen these renders and is paying attention. Judging by the positive reception both have received, they would make the brand even more popular worldwide - and give it a fighter to battle electric rivals such as the Rimac Nevera and future battery-powered Lamborghini products.

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