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The Bugatti Centodieci's Retro-Inspired Interior Took One Year To Develop

There's an awful lot of EB110 in Bugatti's latest creation.

The Bugatti Centodieci's spectacular design is inspired by the EB110 supercar, something that is apparent on the outside, but equally obvious from the inside. Bugatti put a lot of work into the Centodieci's interior to ensure customers knew where the car was coming from. With only a handful built, new images also show the work that goes into making a seven-figure nod to the past. Bugatti says whole parts of the Chiron-based hypercar were redone to better recall the famous EB110. The door panels, instrument clusters, and center tunnel are all new.

Likely the most immediately recognizable tie-in between the two cars is the quilted leather pattern. It's almost an exact match to the 110, but slightly modern, like the rest of the car. Apparently, that leather pattern is rather difficult to line up in the places it needs to, like the door sills and dash. Also altered were the seats, armrests, sill trims, roof liner, floor mats, and rear panel.

"The seat feels different and yet familiar", says Dirk Buhre, interior development engineer at Bugatti and the man responsible for the interior of the Centodieci. In some small ways, the seats do loosely recall the EB110, especially when you look at the headrests. Regardless of whether they do or not, Bugatti spends four days embossing the headrests, cutting the leather, and assembling the seats.

All told, Bugatti says development for the interior took an entire year. Part of that is down to the brand's rigorous endurance testing, which extends to the interior. In total, the interior takes a whopping 16 weeks to assemble. Per car. That's certainly part of the reason deliveries haven't started yet for the 2020 model year car. However, all ten Centodieci examples sold within hours, and for a price tag of around $8.3 million USD. Bugatti stated that deliveries for customers will be starting in the coming weeks.

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