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The FIA Is Still Pretending Hypercar Has Been A Total Success

Global sports car racing is going to be amazing starting next year. That’s when a slew of manufacturers — including Porsche, BMW, Acura and Cadillac — are going to have their next-generation LMDh prototypes ready for competition. They’ll join the likes of Toyota, Peugeot and Ferrari, who are developing Le Mans Hypercars — a different ruleset that will be performance balanced with LMDh in the World Endurance Championship and IMSA. But the FIA is getting a little silly with how it presents the cars.

Official footage of Porsche’s 2023 LMDh challenger has been making the rounds over the last few weeks. It looks like it’ll be at least a pretty car, and judging from it and partner Penske’s historic success, it’ll probably be a winning one, too. But if you follow these things closely, you may have noticed a quirk in the FIA’s preferred language when discussing it, compared to the manufacturer’s.

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