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The Magellano 30 Superyacht Is the New Flagship for the Italian Shipbuilder Azimut

When Azimut started to develop the Magellano 30/11, the Italian company made it for long-distance cruising but didn't forget to add all the necessary amenities that turned it into a luxurious floating mansion.

With a length of 97'6" (29,63m), the Magellano 30/11 shows an impressive design made by Ken Freivokh. He dreamed about a vessel with a tall bow and short superstructure, all built in GRP(Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastic). Thus, it created a lighter vessel that could cut through the waters at higher speeds. At full load, the superyacht has a 135 metric tons (148.8 short-tons) displacement.

This three-decks superyacht features an upper deck designed by De Cotiis Architecture for leisure. On the upper deck, at the front, it installed a jacuzzi and large sofas for sunbathing. In the aft area, there is an Infinity Terrace and an alfresco area with bar stools, sofas, and a table for dining outside. There is also a closed area with large windows in case of bad weather.

On the main deck, the builder installed the main suite at the front with large, squared windows on the bow that lets the natural light goes in. Apart from the luxurious cabin, the Magellano 30/100 features four more cabins for eight guests on the lower deck, along with three cabins for crewmembers. At the same level, a beach club is located at the back, with a retractable deck. Water toys were not forgotten, and there is an area for a ski-jet and a boat in a spacious lazarette.

Azimut made the Magellano 30/11 with 100 kWh lithium batteries, so the vessel can stay at anchor for up to eight hours in full-silent mode. Thanks to its advanced engineered hull designed by P.L.A.N.A (P.L. AUSONIO Naval Architecture & Azimut R&D Dep.), the vessel can cut through the waves with a top speed of 20 kn (23 mph/37 kph) and a cruising speed of 16 kn (18 mph/29 kph). For the power department, Azimut chose a pair of MAN engines that develops 1,550 PS (1,529 hp) each. It also features a 14,500 l (3,831 US Gal) fuel tank and 2,000 l (528,4 US Gal) of water.

Azimut launched the new superyacht at the end of January 2022 and, by the time of writing, was yet to be named by its owner. Because, yes, this superyacht was sold long before completion.

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