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The Noble M500 Is Back As A Ford-Powered True-Blue Supercar

The Noble M500 is bringing back the hairy-chested supercar era with no airbags or ABS, and a sole 6-Speed stick shift to control 550 horses.

Let's face it! It doesn't matter if an EV produced more than 1000 horses or has insane 0-60 MPH timings. A humble ICE-powered sports car with a stick-shift and a sweet exhaust note will still give more joy. And that's exactly what British supercar maker Noble Automotive wants to give you with the all-new M500 supercar.

It is a relatively humble 550 HP machine in this world of outrageous EVs with monster torque figures. The highlighting fact of this British supercar is the fact that it will be offered with a 6-Speed manual gearbox only. There will not be safety assistive features like ABS and even airbags!

The driver has full control, something that we are seeing less and less in today's automotive demography. The Noble M500 has been showcased in its prototype form after a long wait, and it looks gorgeous.

Slated to be launched by late 2022, this British machine will be the reality check on how supercars were always meant to be. This old-school bub will take on the likes of Porsche 911 Turbo S, Audi R8, and the underrated Maserati MC20.

Noble M500 is bringing back the hairy-chested supercar era with no airbags or ABS, and a sole 6-Speed stick shift to control 550 horses.

After Three Long Years, The Noble M600 Replacement Is Almost Here

The M500 isn't a surprise because Noble had showcased it as a concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2018. They also promised to bring out the production version soon. Well, they did take their sweet time, but we aren't disappointed because of how beautiful Noble's latest creation has turned out to be.

The M500 will be replacing Noble's more-powerful M600, which was a true-and-true driver's car but was on the pricier side. This will also be a rare instance of a successor being less powerful as well. Noble wants to make its new supercar accessible to more people so that they can experience the joy of driving.

550 HP 3.5-Liter V6 Is A Tuned Version Of The Engine From Ford GT

Noble M500 uses a mid-mounted 3.5-Liter Twin-Turbo V6 engine that pumps out a healthy 550 HP and 600 lb-ft of torque. This is the same engine found in the Ford GT and Ford F-150 Raptor. Sharing engine is traditional for Noble because the M600 also used a 650HP Turbo 4.4-Liter V8 that was derived from the one used in Volvo SC90 and S80.

Things get even more interesting because the sole transmission option that Noble will offer here is a gated 6-Speed manual. Power will be sent to the rear wheels only, and the M500 should do 0-60 MPH in around 3.5 seconds. The production model is expected to weigh in at just 2,756 pounds.

This Mid-Engined Noble Is A Recipe For Sheer Fun

The M500 uses an evolved chassis from the M600. But instead of using carbon fiber, the baby Noble has a tubular steel chassis wrapped in fiberglass body panels. This might sound uninspiring, but this helps lower the costs drastically without stealing off its fun quotient. Also, if you want the M500 wrapped in carbon fiber, Noble has that covered too.

It comes close in dimensions to a Porsche 911 and has a desirable 2-door coupe form factor. Interestingly, the M500 and M600 share the same length with the baby Noble being a tad bit wider than its more-powerful predecessor. A full carbon body panel option is also on the table. The mid-engined Ford-powered Brit supercar will be a hoot on the track. The 6-Speed manual from Graziano will elevate its driving experience.

The steering will be hydraulic and its double-wishbone Coilover suspension setup will come with passive dampers. This will allow the car to adapt continuously to terrain conditions. Oh! And there is no ABS or airbags here and has a top speed of close to 200 MPH. Yup, it's that hardcore.

Alcantara-Wrapped Interior That Wants You To Just Keep Driving

The Noble M500's cabin is a driver's paradise. There are no over-the-top gadgets or artistically carved components. This supercar is a no-nonsense driver's machine, and the all-Alcantara interior speaks of it. It packs hardcore Recaro Podium carbon seats as standard, but Noble offers a less painful option as well!

The all-black upholstery is highlighted with subtle blue accents for the Noble logo and stitching. There is ample room for the driver to move around, and you get a clear view of the all-digital instrument cluster through the flat-bottom steering wheel. Also, the only shiny part on the inside is the aluminum pedal covers.

2022 Noble M500 Will Bring 'Analog' Back To Driving

In a world where autonomous driving is becoming the norm, the Noble M500 is the definition of Analog. It looks sharp, has a mid-mounted V6, and a 6-Speed manual. It takes a lot of courage to build something like the M500 in 2022.

Noble is aiming at an annual production target of 50 units for the M500, and sadly none of them will be making it to the US (clearly due to regulatory issues). The new raw supercar will cost around £150,000 (~$205,912) which is a lot cheaper than the M600 it replaces which retailed for around £200,000 (~ $274,550).

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